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Username: taxmama
Date/Time: Fri, March 2, 2001 at 3:51 PM GMT (Fri, March 2, 2001 at 7:51 AM PST)
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Subject: Verisign's Proposed Contract


        In reading ICANN's summary of their reasons for their proposed contract, I find some disturbing inaccuracies - ICANN says they have received no complaints about NSI's activities, so they see no reason to go forward, in good faith.

This is very untrue. My readers and I have contact both NSI and ICANN about NSI's illegal billing practices. NSI, now Verisign, continues to invoice people for domains, long after those domains have been moved.  - ICANN has simply patted us on the head, and said, we don't deal with these things.

As to the provisions of the new contract -
please, read Section D carefully - especially Provisions 4-7.       

That will take you to the heart of the changes - before that, the
description is really's really about Verisign giving up
.org and .net, in exchange for something it already has - the
right to renew it's contract through 2007.

Cut to the chase - Provision #5 seems to say that it will let Verisign
remove that firewall between it's own registry and the registrar
operations. In other words, it will have access to all the data of
all registrars subcontracting with them...(but, Verisign, would,
naturally, continue to honor the existing scenario. Uh huh?)

And I particularly like Provision #6. - "VeriSign would agree to
permit any ICANN-accredited registry operator (including .org)
access to its global zone resolution and distribution facilities at
terms to be determined."

Did you read the last 5 words? Does that make you feel secure?
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