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Username: pilot6
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 4:13 AM GMT
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Subject: Answer.


                I'm full of spirit.  Hugh numbers of netizens, worldwide, recognize ICANN's root for what it is:  A root that is controlled by ICANN, catering to the interests and thirst for cash of ICANN's biggest cash cow, NSI/Verisign.  The rest of the world just won't allow themselves to be purged from ecommerce by ICANN ... plain and simple.

I own a business that manufactures chandeliers.  I wouldn't care about other root systems if ICANN gave me the marketing tools I needed for my business, back in November 2000.  But they didn't.  I cannot wait for the godlike ICANN Directors to make the right decisions for my small business.   I have a life to live, money to make, a business to grow. The ICANN Directors know nothing of my business.  Their actions have proven they are not out for the betterment of small businesses.  The US Small Business Administration is totally against ICANN's treatment of small business, including the ridiculous "sunrise period" for new TLDs.

ICANN had the grand opportunity to include TLDs from other roots in ICANN's root, but chose not to.  I'm going to get the tools I need, for my business, one way or another.  If I have to use a different root, then so be it.  My small business spends lots of money each year on our website, hosting, domain names, etc.  I'll gladly spend that money in other root systems to get what I need for my business.




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