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Username: jpalmer
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 6:36 AM GMT
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Subject: ICANN and the proposal to take the business product of other lawful businesses


I am president of AGN Domain Name Service, Inc. In 1995 we established a registry and made first use in commerce of the TLDs "EARTH", "USA" and "Z". We have since added "LION" for our LionMail Service (tm) which launches in July.

These TLDs are our business product. To take them away would mean taking away our business. There are hundreds of registries out there like ours. We employ thousands of people. Our registrants, some of whom rely on their domains as their identity and mark in the business world probably employ hundreds of thousands of people. ICANN's actions with respect to .BIZ could set a precedent which would harm our business as well.

Leah is not done fighting. I, along with several hundred other TLD operators are just winding up for battle. You will hear MUCH more from us soon.

A few facts:

1. ICANN has NO policy authority. They are an advisory body. The US Government owns the A-Root and is not going to transfer control of it to any entity. ICANN can only *recommend* TLDs, the DoC has final authority into what gets added.

2. The USG policy is controlled by Congress. Congress does NOT like policies that run people out of businesses - especially small businesses that employ hundreds of thousands of businesses.

3. The US Small Business Administration does not like this either. They are charged with protecting small businesses.

4. ORSC ( has been in operation for many years. We operate one of the ORSC roots (ASLAN.OPEN-RSC.ORG). Server stats
(available at indicate that a growing
number of people have been moving away from the DoC root because of ICANN.

5. The MoU between ICANN and the DoC has a clause which prohibits ICANN from taking any action that would harm any entity or class of entities. Inclusive Namespace registries (like ADNS and ARNI) are just such entities.

Leah's TLD may be the only one in the crosshairs now, but we (Inclusive Namespace TLD managers) realize that we could be next. There is a lot of $$$ and other support lining up behind the Inclusive Namespace. ICANN is a insignificant little California corporation that is NOT immune from litigation.

If you would all like to LEARN about the several hundred other TLDs that have been in existence for many years, check out or our website at

The DoC root is not the only one out there and it is subject to the laws of the United States and the will of the People via Congress. People don't like small businesses destroyed and people put out of business.

ICANN should have recommended the inclusion of all the existing operational TLDs from the Inclusive Namespace, but didn't. Thats sad.

What is for certain is that ICANNs agression against ARNI and others WILL NOT STAND. Their policy of ignoring the existing business products of hundreds of small businesses is immoral and probably illegal. We shall see...

John Palmer
AGN Domain Name Service Inc.
Owner/Operator of the EARTH, USA, Z and LION tld.



Link: AGN Domain Name Service, Inc.

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