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Username: cello
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 9:41 AM GMT
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Subject: A collision course? ...this biz vs. that biz?  ...old info vs. new info?


A good governance or management is to promote competition and prevent conflict among members of the community. Despite its contract with the US Government, however, ICANN is obviously doing the opposite. It seems bent upon preventing competition and promoting conflict instead, thus overloading rather than lessening the task of the Government.

The emerging conflicts between this biz and that biz, and between old info and new info, are what ICANN produced recently through its labor. Of course the court will always be there to decide who or which. However, a good governing body (the responsible Department, committee, commission, agency, or whatever) will have to fulfill its responsibility to lead and guide the conflicting interests in the society to come to terms with each other before the contenders are left with no other alternative but to go to the court to seek a legal judgment. Thus, what ICANN neglected or failed to fulfill will have to be taken over by the responsible governing body without delay.

If a policeman at the center of a crossroad neglects what he is supposed to do while watching two vehicles on a collision course idly, will he be totally immune from any reprimand from the society at large while a judge tries belatedly to compose a legal judgment over the matter?

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