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Username: taxmama
Date/Time: Sat, March 3, 2001 at 1:39 PM GMT (Sat, March 3, 2001 at 5:39 AM PST)
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Subject: The worst customer service model online - NSI/Verisign


        Dear First1 & pilot6,

It's been so long since I moved my domains from NSI that I'd forgotten all the stress, annoyance and indignity we have to go through to deal with them.

Their customer model is, literally, a joke. And I do mean, literally. Anytime you want to generate a cheap laugh in a forum, just bring up NSI; anytime I want to start a heated, passionate discussion, bring up NSI.

They controlled the market for years. They had a perfect opportunity to OWN that market when 'deregulation' hit and registries were opened up to competition. According the outline of the proposed contract, ICANN says that NSI/Verisign is no longer a competitive threat because their market share has eroded to about 50% or so.

Frankly, the only reasons anyone is STILL registered with them, are:

1) They are really 'green' and don't know that there are alternatives.

2) They are afraid to change registries because they think they'll have to go through all the same, nasty, unpleasant series of e-mails and communications that make transferring from one host to another such a nightmare. (How many times have you responded to those endless e-mails requesting confirmation, using the very same e-mail address that NSI sent it to AND that you can SEE with your own eyes on NSI's whois database, only to be informed that you do not have the authority to effect the transfer?)  I once spent 6 months trying to get a transfer done.

3) They DID change registries, but got a series of invoices from NSI threatening to shut off their URL - so they paid it, even though they had moved their domain months ago.

4) They simply don't know any better?

5) Their host or site developer has an affiliate arrangement with NSI.

I cannot think of a worse customer service model (except IRS 10 years ago - these days, even IRS is a dream to work with).

NSI's total lack of concern about their customer base has cost them their customer base. As moderator of the daily I-HelpDesk and WebReview - I have yet to hear from anyone that their NSI experience is better in Verisign's hands.
Bringing up NSI since Verisign has bought it is still guaranteed to elicit angry remarks and complaints. (Check our archives for 'NSI.')
Frankly, I don't think Verisign understood the fury and hostility in the Internet community towards NSI when they made the purchase.

And ICANN wants to put US and our REGISTRARS in their hands again?
That's BizTerrorism, as far as I am concerned. NSI/Verisign would be holding ALL our businesses hostage.

Oh yes, and be sure to note clause #23 of NSI's contract that grants them the right to arbitrarily refuse to allow a domain transfer at all. So, NSI can prevent us from selling our domains? And that's who ICANN wants to give control of the most lucrative business on the planet?

You've got to be kidding me!

However, letting ICANN know how you feel will not make a great deal of difference. In case you had not noticed, no one from ICANN is paying any attention to this forum they've set up. They do respond to anything. This forum is not the place to effect change. Congress is.

Encourage everyone you can to bombard your Congressfolk and White House denizens with brief, logical, sensible letters about preventing this shocking proposed contract from being consummated on the entire Internet community.

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