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Username: jpalmer
Date/Time: Sun, March 4, 2001 at 12:26 AM GMT
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Subject: Wrong!


>Well, I thought that the Internet Community had ownership of the >namespace not individuals/companies/government etc., The cost for a >domain name is the administration cost for the use of that name. The >creation of additional strings to expand the Main Internet Space and >thus create growth for the NET.

Wrong - not everyone accepts that premise. When a business spends years developing a business product and then some organization that is not answerable to anyone purports to have the authority to take that product away without compensation - that is theft and is illegal in the United States.

>I haven't heard of any of the other Alternative Root Servers being >agreed upon by any other governments or recognized international >bodies other than themselves.

Why should they need the permission of other government bodies to operate? A person has a right to operate a business without having to get permission from some organization that is not empowered by law to have authority. The internet is supposed to be free and open, not controlled by an organization that is a front for NSI/Verisign and
their money making ambition.

>ORSC website is non-functional, IRSC again non-funtional, Until the >Alternative Root Servers can show to the Internet Community a Stable >alternative they will not provide the platform for the greater >internet.

I don't know what you're talking about. ORSC website is running just fine as are all 13 of its root servers. ASLAN has 0 downtime for the last 16.8 months. You should check your facts before you speak or you will look silly.

>Regarding me, I was part of one of the unsuccessful Applications for >the new TLDs and will continue to build our Tld under a ccTLD until >we can build it into a Top-Level Domain. The Right of Administration >is only their when you show stability, reliability, and managability.

Thats your choice - we are just asking ICANN and the USG to respect OUR choices as well. We have a RIGHT to operate our businesses without threat of having our business products stolen from us without just compensation. Thats THE LAW, at least in the United States.

>If you want your Alternative Root Servers to be accessible for the >masses, then discuss with Microsoft and Netscape a change in the >browser to access your nameservers and the ICANN nameservers.  Then >it provides additional namespace expansion without hostile action >between Root Systems.

This is an ongoing process that is still in progress. In the last year, ORSC has gone from under 1% to between 8% and 9%. Thats progress, and its still building.

John Palmer

Link: AGN Domain Name Services, Inc.

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