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Username: BillMyers
Date/Time: Mon, March 5, 2001 at 11:15 PM GMT
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Subject: Objection to .xxx TLD as rstriction of Freedom of Speech


The argument, by some, that requiring pornographic sites to register with a .xxx extension would be a violation of those individuals free speech rights is, by simple logic, deniable.

We currently have laws with prohibit vendors of printed materials from selling and/or displaying sexually offensive material to children. Requiring pornographic sites to register with .xxx extensions would be a logical extension of the existing laws concerning marketing pornographic materials to children.

Would vendors of pornography suggest that we include pictures from "Hustler", "Cherry" or other such magazines in children's books?

Directing Internet users seeking xxxx rated materials to a .xxx site would be similar to directing the same people to xxx rated video retailers for sexually explicit materials. 

Any vendor of sexually explicit materials who would object to a .xxx TLD on the basis if freedom of speech would do so ONLY because it would reduce their ability to attract innocent young minds to their site or because it would allow parents of children to limit the childs access to such sites.

IF ICANN or anyone else should object to requiring pornography shops from registering as .xxx sites, then let those same individuals go home and put a copy of "Debbie Does Dallas" in the V.C.R. on Saturday morning for THEIR children to watch.  Does that sound stupid?  So does allowing children to enter web sites with similar pictures.  Worse, after they enter, they can't exit because the porno site won't let them.

Should ICANN decide to continue to support their position regarding .xxx TLD's, they should be prepared to have sites like "" usurp their authority


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