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Username: taxmama
Date/Time: Tue, March 6, 2001 at 12:35 AM GMT (Tue, March 6, 2001 at 4:35 AM PST)
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Subject: NSI Registrar or Registry


        Bedelman brings up an, apparently, good point.
Yes, my complaints are about NSI's registry, not the registrar.

However, ICANN's proposed contract also proposes, that since there have been no complaints about the NSI registry, there is no longer a need for separation between the two.

That is one of the main reasons for my concern.

NSI had the opportunity to OWN this market. They could have had the loyalty of all concerned. Instead, they spurned customer service and generated a serious amount of hostility in the entire community.

I am certainly not interested in leaving such a company in control of our collective destinies.

Not being a registrar, I don't know too much about the complaints compteting registrars have had about NSI. But seeing how ICANN  brushed aside the complaints my readers brought about the registry, I do wonder what complaints they got, that ICANN thought were inconsequential and also brushed aside.

With the Internet, we have a medium that lends itself to some of the most magnificent ways to communicate, help each other, and build bridges among all cultures across the globe. It's the perfect medium in which to build easy, functional customer service models - especially when you have millions of dollars to do it with.

NSI didn't. They've gotten away, without any repercussions, with harming a great many small business-people. They've kept millions of dollars in unearned billings - and ICANN wants to reward them?

ICANN may not have had 'the authority' to take action about the areas we brought up - but they do have the power to award this contract - or not. I would like to see ICANN have the courage not to give this contract to NSI/Verisign.
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