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Username: Mario
Date/Time: Sun, March 18, 2001 at 8:51 PM GMT
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Subject: Re: Merlin's Post "Objections to Sunrise"


Thank you for this post.  It is always a pleasure to read an article that is informative.  The fact that Chris Ambler supported this article compelled me to read the article twice in order to fully understand its merits.

But, I wonder how long many will argue the merits of IPC's existence?  Let me explain.  If I, Joe pedestrian in the U.S., walk across a street armed with the knowledge that I have the right-of-way and choose to walk across the street when I know a vehicle is approaching and the driver doesnít exhibit any sign of stopping, and in the process, I get hit and subsequently die as a result, then what good are these pedestrian rights while I lie dead on the ground?  Legal rights are a tool that we use to shape social behavior.  They were never meant to be perfect by preventing such mishaps.  Attacking ICANN on its own turf with the philosophical tact of Solomon will likely, in the end, lead to nothing more than a slap on ICANNís wrist (which is what happened recently) while the rejected applicants lie patiently on ground wondering what happened.  Inaction, often times, implies acceptance as may be the case from the inaction of the U.S Department of Commerce and Congress.  Otherwise, why would ICANN so boldly go in the direction it has gone for so many years.  While Joe pedestrian may no longer have any recourse, others that have observed the tragic event may pause and learn from such mistakes.  Perhaps they may ask themselves if Joe pedestrian should have yielded to the driver even though he had the right-of-way.  Perhaps Joe pedestrian should have ran across the street or should have waited until the vehicle passed before crossing the street.  Perhaps Joe pedestrian should have looked for alternatives because in the end the right-of-way afforded to him would not prevent his demise on that fateful day.  The rejected applicants now find themselves in the same position as Joe pedestrian.  Perhaps a different tact is necessary to cross the street.  Perhaps they need to acquire street smarts and put the ideology aside for now.     


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