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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Sat, March 24, 2001 at 4:05 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 98
Subject: Bottome line.....Image Online Design has a large following who respect what they have done....



The Image Online Design supporters are using this forum to show ICANN, that in fact this company WILL do the following if they are selected when the board meets (and I hope at least a thougtht has gone into this):

1) Image Online Design WILL immediately unify the internet community.  Image Online Design has registrants from all over the world (and not all are from the US which is good--very representative of the global community), from all walks of life; from business to academia, you name it, they have come to show their support for Image Online Design.

2) Image Online Design WILL create immediate competition in the name-space.  I have read on a daily basis (national media) that online business owners are looking for dot com alternatives....Currently the dot com extension is akin to failure (i.e dot BOMB)....Image Online Design would provide relief in this area.  I am truly sorry, but in my humble opinion, dot biz and dot info will get a lukewarm reception from the business community.  If anything they will be used for redirection to their existing dot com website (even though they want change)...Dot web (Image Online Design) represents REAL competition (which will be good for the internet--and my use of the word competition is rivalry against two SEPARATE entities vying for customers...My problem with Afilias and Neulevel is that they aren't really new...ENTER in Image Online that real competition---competition makes companies like Verisign countable to the public they serve.....Are they???)

3)  Image Online Design exudes the entrepreneurism, that you mock.  For how they are treated will be watched closely.  Not all ideas should be given recognition, but IOD's certainly warrants some respect...afterall, it was they who built a working registry in 1995!!!!!  Today it is March 23, 2001....How many pure online companies will ever get to say they lasted that long (nonstop----same name...same!!!)...

One last thing, it is obvious you seek to hide your identity.  Also please give the board more credit then you are...most probably would disagree with you.  Most are fully aware of the work Image Online Design has done on their registry, and hopefully they are aware of their world class level of customer service!!!  Something has been bringing them back since 1995!!!


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