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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Sat, May 5, 2001 at 8:30 AM GMT
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Subject: Why Domain Names are a First Amendment issue & Truth


The honourable G. Gervaise Davis III, WIPO panellist judge said to me about

"I fully agree with you, and this proposal or something similar has been proposed before by several organizations and individuals, including me."

Another trademark attorney, also an honourable person, confirmed this solution.

It was obvious the authorities already knew the logical answer from the beginning.

There are several reasons why domain names are a First Amendment issue.

1. Most obviously, ***the authorities totally disrespect your rights to free speech*** - they are using Domain Name System as a FATALLY FLAWED trademark system - yet know how to make it compatible.

It is fatally flawed as only one business may use this name, out of untold numbers world-wide with the same trademark.

When solution is easier than using the phone, it can only be because they wish to abridge your rights to free speech.

2. Holding up new TLDs ***they stop those words also being used by others***, further restricting your freedom of speech.

Millions of gTLDs are being sat on by ICANN. They are the worlds greatest 'cybersquatters' (to use their definition of word).

What sort of world would it be if we only had two hundred or so towns - each allowed only one High Street (Americans may call it Main Street)?

3. Then there is the power of the message - ***they wish to restrict the force of your voice***.

e.g. The direct address for my site is -

So then - which of these gets the message across better: ?

Which are you most likely to find - or which more likely to remember in a weeks time?


These are the main reasons they (mis)manage the Internet this way (there are more):

1 Big business gets more power abusing their trademark.
2 Guardians of the Internet get more importance.
3 Lawyers and trademark protection companies get rich.
4 Domain registration companies get rich from trademarks protecting mark.
5 Small businesses go broke with big business taking identity - less competition for them.
6 They muffle criticism of them - abridging the freedom of speech.
7 Kids (and grown-ups) are stopped from making fan sites.

Sunrise - UDRP etc. Are all based on LIES and PROPAGANDA - I am totally amazed so many intelligent people have been taken in.

Some obviously do so for vested reasons.

As DoC do not deny what I say, this is about truth, logic and justice - not about opinion.

What should be kept in mind is - they are the ones breaking the law.

They abridge the right of free speech and promote dominance of trademark for unfair competion.

Though the authorities SAY they have good ideals - to protect trademarks on the Internet - this is a barefaced LIE. Only those unable to progress ideas through to conclusion would believe them.

They only give certain trademarks an illegal dominant position and create a 'cash cow' for their friends in the legal profession. This is demonstrably true and was the obvious intention. Those in pocket of big business would say otherwise.


First Amendment states the freedom of speech must not be abridged - shortened.

Does it not muffle your voice, being denied from using the words you need?

To those that say it is not a First Amendment issue and the authorities that do nothing about it - that why I adopt this attitude with you.

This is why you divert attention away from yourselves, calling innocent people crooks (cybersquatters) to steal their property.

It is you that are the crooks and violators of peoples rights.

Without looking back up a few lines, what is the direct address for my site (with all correct punctuation)?

See - you forgot already.

Secretary Evans, U.S. Department of Commerce, is now responsible for this matter.



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