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Username: PPP
Date/Time: Mon, May 7, 2001 at 1:02 AM GMT (Mon, May 7, 2001 at 3:02 AM CEST)
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Subject: NEWS: Most European ISP's Will Publish Altroots


Amsterdam, 5 May 2001 - The new .biz TLD from ICANN will be totally useless in the European Union, as most of the European ISP's will not add them to their DNS-servers. Instead, they will keep the altroot DNS entries. Only Europe Online Network (EON), Wanadoo, Planet Internet and a few small ISP's will add the new to their DNS-servers.
Mainly all the other ISPs will follow the Dutch KPN Telecom-doughter XS4ALL, who is against the addition of .biz to ICANNs TLD program. In a press message, XS4ALL writes: "The discussion about .biz and other TLDs came when the European Commission wanted to have non-American TLDs on the internet. .biz is already a non-American TLD for almost 6 years. Thanks to ICANN, many people would loose their domain, and .biz would still not be non-American."
On the website, original .biz owner PacificRoot writes that after ICANN duplicated .biz, PacificRoot will continue to resolve new domains.


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