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Username: hrswaim
Date/Time: Mon, May 14, 2001 at 7:52 PM GMT
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Subject: It's difficult to argue with success...


        While we can all intelligently debate the long-term
of companies establishing new TLD's in a manner not approved
by ICANN, it's very, very difficult to argue with success.

New.Net has now partnered with Earthlink (the second largest
ISP in the country), @Home, Juno,  Prodigy (as of today) and

In so doing, they've proven themselves to be a viable business;
something that can't be bought for $50,000.

Assuming that AOL provides its subcribers with access to these
new TLD's (as appears increasingly likely given New.Net's rather
rapid ascent), what do the rest of you suspect ICANN will do.

IMHO and with all due respect to ICANN, it is the ISPs who are
the backbone of the internet, and they will have the ultimate say
in the success or failure of New.Net's plans.

Howard Swaim, Founder
Hungry Run Ventures, LLC
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