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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Wed, May 16, 2001 at 3:16 AM GMT
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Subject: Image Online Design is hope for real competition in the name-space in the future...



It is curious companies like Neulevel, can dismiss TLD claims (dot biz) made by Alternate roots, when in fact, it was the Alternate Roots that gave Neulevel (or was it Neustar, then Neuvel) the opportunity to bid for these new TLDs.  Image Online Design has been at every IANA/ICANN meetings to date.  They fought to open the DNS up.  Now that Neulevel got the nod, they now will step on those that helped them.

If it were my choice, if I had the chance to select new TLDs, I would have offered the Alternate Roots a chance (if they qualify--that is important) to upload their TLD to the "A" root.  Why?  They are the real heroes in this whole mess.  They actually care about what happens to the internet.   Just read through some of the old postings on the message board where Jon Postel left notes.  You will find Chris Ambler's name from Image Online Design.  You will see Simon Higgs name.  You won't find the Neulevel or Afilias executives on any of those message boards.  What I am try to say, is do you honestly think, Neulevel, or Afilias will create new competition??

They forget people have invested their whole lives trying to build a TLD from the ground up.  They invested hours exchanging emails with other pioneers, trying to help build the internet.  Why on god's green earth wouldn't the ICANN board want to reward that effort, and more so give the TLD to someone who actually cares what happens to.  I am sure the dot org supporters would have like to have known the TLD wouldn't be "exchanging" hands in the year 2004 (or whenever it supposed to happen)

We have heard from Network solutions, and other registries, that the bottom line is the shareholders.  I wonder if they realize that without loyal domain name holders they will never get anywhere.  I wonder in five years where Neulevel will be?  I wonder if Afilias might not let dot info go in few years time, for a new TLD, that may be more lucrative. 

My faith is in Image Online Design.  A company I know that has spent the better part of 5 years building its registry, into a solid entity.
Go look them up in 5 years.  I guarantee they will still have dot web, and will still have loyal customers.  My hope is ICANN begins to realize that the DNS cannot be about which company will exploit a TLD better, but rather who the registrants of that TLD who will exploint that TLD are....At IOD we have some of the best!!!  "Sempri Fi" to those who can even understand those two words..


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