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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Wed, May 16, 2001 at 1:13 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: Spin, Lies and Propaganda


This is my considered and informed opinion, after looking at the facts:

I will first just check, to see if anyone has conspiring letters to ICANN.

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Your hard drive really needs a defrag. Better if I format it.

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Only joking. Did you know there is a way to format the whole Internet?

Well, if you believe ICANNs propaganda - you will believe anything.

Go to my site and see the statement from Secretary Don 'Littlechick' Evans, US DoC - Department of Chickens.

Also visit - they are being bullied and are using my arguments in their court case.

Okay, my response - what a load of bull* from Jeffrey J. Neuman. He looks pathetic kissing ICANNs ass (animal akin to a horse).

However, stealing someones .biz idea, I can understand why ;-) ;-)

No, cannot be bothered with him - I will just get to main point.

They are all liars. Domain names are not trademarks - nor can they be.

A trademark is declared invalid through a lack of distinctiveness.

Also, for proper use, they all have to be identified with a mark "®" - I suggested .reg as this identifier.

Trademarks all have to be unique - they know this.

They call cybersquatters.

But AOL trademark is owned by many other companies, including 1523683 Orthotic and orthopaedic articles in the UK.

Thousands may share the same name - so “trademark infringement” and “consumer confussion”, are all lies.

So then - answer me this cowards - how can be squatting on America On Line property?

It is illegal for the owner of a trademark to abuse it, to gain a dominant position - They use a lie, that they are protecting their property - it belongs to them, to gain this unfair advantage.

They all use Spin, Lies and Propaganda.

The answer is obvious. The format for customer to identify source (the reason for trademarks):

Reason they do not use it are many (mostly illegal) - see my site.

To those that protect the current situation, like NeuLevel - what have you all got in your skull?

It can only be doggy doings or corrupt intent. I think it the latter.


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