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Username: Slicer
Date/Time: Tue, May 22, 2001 at 10:46 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V4.01 using Windows NT
Subject: Who the hell are the alternate roots to claim ownership anyway?


I really want to know how many of the anti-ICANN zealots here realize what they're arguing. They claim that '.biz' is already taken.. that's funny, I CAN'T SEE IT. Ooh, I hear that 5% of the Internet users can see it, yeah. WTF? This is what happens when you have an 'alternate' root system convincing people that their system is the new de facto standard.

Clue time: ICANN has no responsibility to people who set up alternate root systems. None. Not to, not to ORSC. It doesn't matter what the hell they do- ICANN still has no responsibility to so much as acknowledge the existing '.biz' (which, mind you, wasn't used except by the suckers who bought into it).

Just so no one misses my point: The existing alternate .biz is simply not legitimate. Never was. It's as legitimate as all the other unaccredited TLDs out there. What we hae here is a lion with its fresh kill (ICANN and its NIC system) and a few hyenas (, ORSC) trying to grab it. Newsflash: Just because it happens to work on your self-made root server doesn't make it any more official for the rest of us.

If you've actually bought a TLD, I pity you. If you have your DNS server set to accept these bullshit TLDs, I pity you. If your ISP's DNS sees them as legitimate, call them up and tell them to use a real root server before whatever alternate they're on crashes again.

Flame me all you want.

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