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Username: Warlock
Date/Time: Wed, May 23, 2001 at 12:09 AM GMT
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Subject: Why are TLD's allowed to be a corporate commodity?


      As an example, in order to 'attempt' to register the new .biz names I must prove that I have been using the name previously for my business. What if I wanta generic .biz name or I am planning on starting my company with this name (i.e. I have yet to trade with it)

While I completely agree that using a trademark to decieve a surfer or misrepresent the company is wrong and should be prevented, I dont see why independant use of a domain name that doesnt decieve or misrepresent should be a problem. If the company is not in a position to take control of a domain name and someone else takes it for a legitimate independant use then tough luck on the company!.

Whats next? My child gets to buy the last Action Man toy on the shelf because hes been playing with them longer than your child and therefore has more claim on it! Yes this is stupid, there is a hint here!

This system just seems to suit the companies with large amounts of cash to spend and legal teams to flex and in my opinion only proves that the domain name dispute system doesnt work (or why would they be trying to prevent its use!). Why dont they all just drop the bull and lets redefine fair (the end of the book Animal Farm springs to mind here)

It's getting to the point where different TLD are pointless because all the extension variations are owned by the same company anyway!

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