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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Fri, May 25, 2001 at 8:37 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: More for AOL to take / Reprobates exposed


Come on ICANN / U.S. DoC and rest of the gang of reprobates - you have been exposed for what you are.

The longer you leave it - the worse it will get.

Admit the Mandatory Requirements for trademarks on the Internet.

1. Trademark Name
2. Classification
3. Country
4. Identifier - suggest Top Level Domain of .REG

The format for customer to identify source (the reason for trademarks):

Unless you have trouble using telephone, it is blinking simple.

Or are you too cowardly to admit this?

More and more people are finding you out.

Here is article from The Register. They are being a bit sarcastic, methinks:

We support AOL's decision to take Aimster to an arbitrator for its unauthorised use of the giant's trademark "AIM" or "America Online Instant Messenger". We also applaud NAF's ability to override the rules in this very important matter and ignore the fact that "aim" is also a verb and noun to rule in AOL's favour.

AOL quite rightly has exclusive use of the word "aim" in Internet domains. But would you believe it, hundreds of other cybersquatters have also tried to make successful businesses on the back of AOL's technology.

This is disgraceful behaviour and we look forward to the inevitable lawsuits that AOL will take out against them. In order to help this champion of consumer rights, we have compiled a list of the worst offenders and the ludicrous pseudonyms they have given themselves in the vain hope that they will be viewed as legitimate.

Go to it, AOL! And NAF, you back it up (it'll be worth your while). - Alliance Internet Mortgage - Asia International Media - American International Media - Alternative Information from Mreza (in the Balkans) - global trade organisation for automatic identification and data collection - the AIM management group - Ausbildung in Medienberufen in Köln (Education in Journalism in Cologne) - the Accuracy in Media organisation - Academic Information Network (Yugoslavia) - Australian Institute of Management - Advanced Internet Marketing - some Greek dental company called AIM - French train company - Aim High! Inc. (ISP) - Aim Sportsystems (timers) - Aim Hi (ISP) - Automatic Integrated Circuit Modelling Spice (spice is an analog circuit simulator) - Some Japanese firm called AIM consultancy

There's plenty more, but this should give you a headstart. ®


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