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Username: InternetAdvocate
Date/Time: Sat, June 9, 2001 at 11:25 PM GMT
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Subject: .uk yuck!


Garry Anderson quoted me: "Northern Ireland could have its own cc-TLD."

Then he wrote: "Seperate Northern Ireland? Ever thought of going into Irish politics?"

So British territories Isle of Man (.im), Jersey (.je) and Guernsey (.gg) having separate ccTLD's means those territories are separate countries?  Of course not. Thus, the Irish Protestants won't mind having a separate ccTLD [or even sharing .brit, despite that the term "Britain"  technically excludes Northern Ireland].

Let both .uk and .brit point to the same TLD [so that .uk=.brit].  Then let's see if most Brits would switch to .brit over yucky-sounding .uk over time.  I think they would.  Give them the choice.

He also wrote: "Like I say, Equatorial Guinea's current ccTLD might make sense to them - as ours does us." 

But .gq [for Guinee Equatoriale] makes less sense than .ge [which is used by the Republic of Georgia] or .geq for three-letter cc-TLD or .gueq for four-letter cc-TLD.  That's an example of why two letters are insufficient for common sense cc-TLD's. 


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