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Username: Elvis
Date/Time: Fri, June 15, 2001 at 1:51 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: Consider this


Neulevel is interfering with Alt roots if it wants to use a TLD that exists and is functioning within them.  You say there will be no conflict because very few people use these roots.  Wrong, a lot do and the numbers are growing.

If your business was expanding, would you like some agency to come along and say we are going to take over your small business, but, we know it has potential so we will just keep the new business that comes with it! 

Your view point is from the US Gov A root, but here is another view.  Imagine a supermarket nextdoor to a greengrocer shop.  Should the Manager of the Supermarket say to the Greengrocers shop "your apples do not exist because my customers don't see them"? But then take his apples and sell them?

You say, Only people with simultaneous settings for the main root and alt roots will have conflict.  Is that OK with you then, its not with me and all the other users!

You say, the alt roots are corrupt, trying to tie up every good TLD, thus preventing ICANN from ever introducing good TLD names WITHOUT colliding with alt roots.  Well thats rubbish too, ICANN could say to them, look, we know you were here before us with that TLD, but you seem to be running a successful registry, why not work together so that more users can access your domains?

As for becoming instantly rich, well, a lack of TLDs makes sure that those who operate them become rich.  Much like how it is right now,  right?  But if there were hundreds of TLDs accessable to all, the opportunities for companies and individuals to obtain the name they want at a fair price would be far greater than they are right now. Or, would you rather all payments for new domains went to just a couple of ICANN favored companies that owned all the TLDs worldwide? They would become instantly rich indeed!



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