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Username: dotbizowner
Date/Time: Wed, June 20, 2001 at 11:49 PM GMT
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Subject: STOP ICANN's Property Theft and  Destruction of Pre-existing Internet Domain Name Space


        By allowing ICANN/NeuLevel to introduce the conflicting Top Level Domain (TLD) ".BIZ", the ICANN, NeuLevel, and the DOC are effectively destabilizing the internet. This could be directly responsible for the destruction of my business property, and the property rights of thousands of other .BIZ business owners!

1) As you know, the DOC and ICANN have promised to maintain the stability of the internet DNS space and promote competition and consumer choice. This agreement is on public record: "MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN  THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND INTERNET CORPORATION FOR ASSIGNED NAMES AND NUMBERS"

2) Atlantic Root (ARNI) has maintained a .BIZ TLD registry since the mid-1990s. Thousands of small business owners like myself have registered domains and have invested heavily in developing infrastructure to support their online communications and commerce using these .BIZ domains.

3) Instead of stabilizing and coordinating, ICANN (and their friends at NeuLevel) are attempting to introduce colliding TLD registries. At the very least, due diligence would dictate that ICANN carefully ensure that their choice for new TLDs did not conflict with existing registries. Instead, ICANN is attempting to usurp the property of thousands of small businesses in complete disregard for the law and for their agreement with the DOC.

I view these actions as criminal and anti-competitive. ICANN has broken it's agreement with DOC and has decided to use it's influence to usurp this valuable TLD for it's own ends.

I welcome any comments and suggestions on how to prevent this from creating further damage to the internet as we know it.


Link: Check out the ICANN Movie: Stranger than Fiction...

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