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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Sat, June 23, 2001 at 9:54 AM GMT
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Subject: .biz domain registration a complete shambles


Some quotes:

A number of people in the industry have approached The Register to express their displeasure and ask people to think twice before entering the .biz registration process. The system in place guarantees NeuLevel a maximised amount of non-returnable money before the domain actually goes live.

If this sounds bad enough, NeuLevel approach to domain resolution has been described by one industry figure as "decision by committee gone mad". Claiming to make the process fair, NeuLevel has instituted a three-step process, each with its own rules and closing dates.

It has no less than four dispute resolution policies but despite this over-bureaucratic approach if two or more companies with legitimate trademark claims apply for the same domain, it would appear that NeuLevel plans to do the equivalent of pulling a name out a hat.


I say - why is anybody so suprised?

If not all trademarks can use their mark on the Internet then trademark use on the Internet is an obvious lie.

It is against unfair competition laws.

The authorities just allow Big Business to abuse their trademarks to dominate over other trademarks.

Domain names cannot be trademarks without the trademark symbol or .reg to replace it.

This symbol acts as warning, to advise the public that the mark is federally registered and their use provides legal benefits -

You will not see any attorneys, big business or the authorities defend against this - they are cowards.

What defence have these low-lifes against the truth?

I am frustrated at their cowardliness - how can they be forced to face facts?

A saying we have in UK,

"Come and have a go - if you think you are hard enough."


From recent Comments on Interim Report by

"Most trademarks share its name or initials with many others.

When authorities could put trademark identity beyond shadow

of doubt, they are either devoid of intelligence or corrupt."


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