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Username: kellyjones
Date/Time: Sat, August 4, 2001 at 2:58 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: Pure Nonsense


Some people here are trying to turn the Afilias debacle into a trademark/generic word issue.  I agree that many generic words have trademarks on them. But actually not all do. In any case, it is completely irrelevant as the information posted in over 100 whois's I checked out turned out to not only be false (as in nonexistent tm) but the information provided was impossible. In fact, I couldn't find one valid one. One guy ( listed his trademark as "dumping". Another whole bunch of names from the same registrar listed the trademark as unknown   and the trademark date as 2040. This is a blatant misuse of the sunrise.

The only option afilias offers is to spend $275 to challenge it? This is horrible. The people are being cheated.

I would recommend that afilias scrap the current sunrise policies and opt for a more fair approah where tms are analyzed for validity before registrations are issued  by an independent auditor. Otherwise this thing will get much worse. It already is making afilias look very bad and has the potential to severly damage an extension with decent potential. I think in any case icann should take a look at their procedures.


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