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Username: kellyjones
Date/Time: Sun, August 5, 2001 at 6:52 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: Wrong!


This is not an opportunity for some group to make a stink about Icann. It is simply an opportunity for afilias to correct a huge mistake made by afilias and it needs to be corrected as soon as possible before .info becomes tainted as a full out scam. Only 100 registrations or so? Where do you get that information from? I saw 100 registrations and all were fake. These were just random names. Someone saw other fake names I didnt see. I bet there are thousands of fake registrations. Of course they've pulled the whois and we can't count them. These registrations need to be deleted immediately. Someone pointed out afilias makes money from wipo proceedings (not sure if this is correct) and even if they don't, these are not tm challenges, this is and will develop into a mass protest against fraud. If Afilias is smart, it will delete these registrations (or face the wrath of the public and maybe the courts) and either eliminate the sunrise and just allow landrush or do not allow generic tm registrations (regardless of tms) or check every single tm app that comes through. If they were truly competent, they would check every app.

Whatever afilias does, the damage has been done. This is a public relations disaster. It looks like a few groups are in cahoots here and any delay in action magnifies that perception.

Remember, the challenge process was created to handle tm conflicts or apps that do not have accurate tm info (the tm was issued at a later date etc). What we have here is wholesale scamming of the tm app with completely false information. Impossible dates, made up trademark names, false serial numbers and nonexistent tms spells a fraud that afilias allowed to happen by very poor design. It is outright disrespect of the public at large. If they think people are gonna pay $275 to right wrongs that the afilias system allows to happen, they have another thing coming.

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