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Username: kellyjones
Date/Time: Sun, August 5, 2001 at 7:28 AM GMT
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Subject: Yes


Afilias created this problem by the poor design of the sunrise.  If you don't check TMs for validity, of course fraudsters will register names. What's to stop them? Oh, the challenge process? You pay $275 to point out the non existent information on the tm app on a .info name registered during sunrise?  And you don't get the name for your trouble as you need the tm yourself? What a joke of a system!

The system has been designed so honset people can miss out on their chance to register their names to fraudsters, and disrespectful fraudsters at that. At least try to fake the information a little better!

The process has basically been designed to reward dishonest people.  What is the motive for people to challenge? Even without the charge  it is a huge hassle. And it seems someone is making money with these $275 fees.  Looks like this process favors certain elements very well. It's really sad.  Maybe Icann can do something good here and get a fairer process in place.


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