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Username: kellyjones
Date/Time: Tue, August 7, 2001 at 4:46 AM GMT
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Subject: Wrong


    The way you come to the conclusion that the trademarks are false is by checking the databases and looking up the serial numbers. If you did this with the ridiculous tm names filled out so full of error  you found they did not exist as tms. So, the idea that these were mistakes or the fault of foreign people is bogus. The tms did not exist in the first place.

Curious still is why one particular registrar had many of these al 2040 unknown trademark "errors" and if you looked up these tms, you found they didnt exist.
Simply look up these 2040 ones for tms. You will see they do not exist. It was deliberate, plain and simple. Surely many of the people who registered, with very american names, know the difference between landrush and sunrise. To have even entered the process they had to become even vaguely familiar. The cost is phenomenally different. Why the same registrar in many of the cases?

Whatever the reason, these regges need to be deleted and a new process put in place quickly so people can regain confidence.

The challenge process as put in place encourages this kind of fraud because who is gonna pay the challenge fee if the name just goes back into the pool? This challenge process should be used for tm conflicts not fraud. I have a feeling we haven't even touched the surface of what really went on here.

Hopefully, Afilias will get it together. Them taking down the whois is a good start. Now they need to check all apps from this point on after deleting the fake apps. They need to become a little more professional.


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