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Username: deanayer
Date/Time: Tue, August 7, 2001 at 8:06 AM GMT
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Subject: unlock the TLD's !! How about a DOT-WHATEVER-YOU-WANT


      TLD's are a throw-back construct from the days of .mil, .gov, and .edu from the good old arpanet days. Why treat TLD's like finite real estate by doling them out a few at a time. Why not allow for any submission much like newsgroup names are created. My point is dont create a land-grab when you can create unlimited land. If corporations dont like it because they would have to register every permutation then tough - they dont own the medium - WAKE UP ! this is the top of the slippery slope where the NET gets totally co-opted by big business.

The scary part is that this process is in the hands of visionaries whose recent contributions to the process (after untold millions of commitee meetings and self-important boondoggles) include TLD's like ".aero" !!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that sure serves the two major aircraft makers and the 100 airlines of the world  - almost as many as .museum ! its like watching George Bush Sr. marvel over the laser scanner at the supermarket.... You have to wonder just how disconnected from reality these folks are  - how about ".shop" ? the fifty zillion retail websites of the world would sure enjoy that, but whats the point, in two years the whole thing will coelesce into an alternative to AOL with total control removed from the the little guy, its all too democratic.


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