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Username: saskia
Date/Time: Tue, August 7, 2001 at 6:38 PM GMT (Tue, August 7, 2001 at 7:38 PM CET)
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Subject: The best solution?


I suppose Afilias can't just change the rules for sunrise now. So, perhaps the only reasonable solution is for Afilias to:

1. Immediately cancel all registrations that obviously violates the sunrise rules (trademark year 2040, number 123456789, name not matching domain name...). This must be done so that these names are available in the start-up-period.

2. Let the rest stand and eventually go live. (Registrations that are correct can't wait.)

3. Start investigating ALL sunrise registrations. It can't be that hard. They have got the trademark country and number. If there isn't a open database there sure is a trademark office in that country. Then, according to existing sunrise rules (I hope), they can immediately cancel any false registration and release the name for start-up/open registration.

Sure, the names should actually have been included in the start-up period, but I don't quite see how Afilias can solve that one now. It's a pity that many people have payed money to get a chance at these names in the start-up.

-- Håkan Hansson

Håkan Hansson
Programbyrån AB

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