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Username: dtobias
Date/Time: Wed, August 8, 2001 at 3:25 PM GMT
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Subject: Then what is Dot org?


Queen, or prince, or court jester????

All the "Dot com is king" messages are, in my view, coming from a flawed mindset where people believe one of the TLDs has to "rule" over all the others.  Or, to shift metaphors, the TLDs are all in a horse race (the sport of kings) and one of them has to win, a couple of others will place and show, and the rest are also-rans.

If you instead think of the TLDs in the mindset under which they were actually created, they're not in competition; they're simply different logical parts of a namespace serving different purposes.

.com is for commercial entities
.org is for noncommercial organizations
.mil is for the U.S. military

and so on.  Some, though not all, of the new TLDs are being created in exactly that vein; .museum is for museums only, and is not in any way competing with .com.  Similarly, .name provides namespace for personal users, something not present in the existing TLDs -- it's not in any way trying to get the marketing types or speculators to think that "dot-name" is the hot place to make big bucks on the Internet, just to provide individuals a sensible address on it.

With .biz, it would be more sensible to view it as competing with .com, since the target user base is the same, though it alternatively could be viewed as expanding the namespace to let more commercial businesses get names, rather than necessarily "competing with" .com.

.info is an interesting case, as it is chartered from the outset to be used in the manner that .com has been *abused* -- as a free-for-all that can be used by anybody and carries no implications of what sort of organization is using it (commercial, nonprofit, governmental, etc.)

It's a namespace, not a horse race; Internet users and developers win as a whole if more of them can get good, meaningful names for their sites, whether or not speculators have something to get rich on.

In just what way does .com have to "win" over .org, .gov, or .museum? The names have different purposes, and since there are vastly more commercial entities than museums in the world, it's clear which ending will have more sites, but that doesn't make .com the winner or the "king".
Commercial stuff isn't *all* that's on the Internet, don't forget.


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