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Username: crs
Date/Time: Fri, August 10, 2001 at 2:44 AM GMT
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Subject: Afilias here is the solution


        You can adopt a simple procedure to eliminate virtually all fraudulent .info applications.

Most of the fraudsters are easy to identify and a small number of them account for most of the bogus applications. Simply remove all their applications and things will look much better.

Now deal with the rest. THIS STAGE IS CRUCIAL. In the start-up phase run the preregistration queues as before and allocate all domains not taken in the sunrise period. But instead of discarding all applications for which there was a sunrise application, keep one as a stand-by.

Supposing no trademark holders come forward in the challenge phase, then comes the role of the stand-by. If he feels the sunrise application is fraudulent, he can challenge it and if successful win the name.

This simple procedure means those who preregistered get the chance they expected and very few fraudsters will profit from their false applications.

Optimally keep a list of several stand-bys, so that if the first stand-by fails to identify a fraudulent application then a second or third are sure to do so.

To make things easy for you Afilias I have identified the key fraudsters here along with two example applications from each:

Foster- Internet, Insurance
Hillock- Football, Financing
Kasal- Wireless, Pregnancy
Lucas- Show, Doctors
Rumney- Property, Loans
Singh- USA, America
Woo- Film, Music
Carbonaro- Attorneys, Jobsearch
Katz- Homedecorating, Homeimprovement
Sandhu- Carrental, Boxing
Schinkel- Construction, Basketball
Nobriga- Cars, Newyorkcity


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