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Username: Black_Bird
Date/Time: Sun, August 12, 2001 at 2:53 PM GMT
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Subject: What A Shame! Where is Icann?


Isn't it a shame that good people must band together to fight a sunrise policy that obviously is so flawed and poorly designed in the first place that it has encouraged this unprecedented level of cheating? Where is Icann or the better business bureau to protect us?

Hasn't it been shown already that most registrations, especially the generic ones, were fraudulent? It is obvious to me that this process has been designed to milk the wipo process for tons of money. Afilias claims it will investigate claims of fraud. But even just a glance at the whois reveals tons of fraud - many committed by registrars themselves! Isn't that proof that it may not be the registrants themselves that are to blame so much as it is not just a few people here or there but in fact the afilias sunrise process that is the problem?

Where is icann in this matter? How long will this go on before Icann realizes that this is destroying much of the credibility they have  left?

Why should people pony up the $300 (part of which is not refunded!) to challenge registrations that are a result of a flawed sunrise policy designed by the creators of the challenge process? What a ripoff! Even if the challengers were to get the name as a result of a challenge, which they can't because they dont have a tm, how is this fair to everyones else who may not have $300 to pony up?

The truth is that Afilias could have landrushed it only and had a period after which people could challenge using an expedited wipo process for the reduced fee. Or they could have been responsible and used an independent auditor to check the tms. Yes you would have had to have held interviews to have hired an auditore. So difficult. But instead, they design a system to milk all they can from honest people. This is a travesty and a tragedy unfolding before us.

Again where is Icann in all of this? Where is Congress? Where are the defenders of honest people! We need help! Every day that passes is lost time for the agencies that should be protecting us to do so.

Now there are rumors around that some registrars encouraged their registrants to commit fraud and provided the means. They encouraged their registrants to commit fraud because afilias is not checking sunrise apps and because a challenger has to pay money to right the fraud.

How bad will this get? When will Icann realize that it is they who have the most to lose by  allowing this sunrise process to continue in the hands of Afilias?  The sunrise policy as it is now needs to be scrapped. Write congress!



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