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Username: saskia
Date/Time: Sun, August 12, 2001 at 7:55 PM GMT (Sun, August 12, 2001 at 8:55 PM CET)
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Subject: Sorry, but noone will pay $75 to do it...


...and that's exactly what the bad guys are counting on. I personally can't pay that kind of money just to disapoint the bad guys (even if i certainly would like to). I guess I'm not alone.

Afilias, it should be $0!!!!!

How do you think Afilias/WIPO will handle challenges? Will they inform the challenger (and the one who was challenged!?) when the name will be released and again possible to register? Will it, in that case, be an major advantage for those two to get the name?

It would be *real* elegant if the fraudsters nevertheless ends up with the name because of a glitch like this.

-- Håkan Hansson

Håkan Hansson
Programbyrån AB

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