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Username: FraudBuster
Date/Time: Mon, August 13, 2001 at 11:28 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V6.0b using Windows 98
Subject: ??? Pre-Planned Fraud  by Afilias / Registrars / Icann ???


                Its not difficult to auto refuse applications that don't meet the proper date restriction.  

Unless of course the the registrars / afilias / icann/ pre-planned all long to collect 5 years non refundable registration fee before they push the auto delete button. Add to that all the Bogus TMs they turn up and are now getting tipped off to. 

When they push the delete button they will get to pocket alot of free money.... then resell the names all over again......Very slick opperation more like an organized crime syndicate.....

Or is ICANN just plainly Incompetant. I think not.... it can only be pre-planned by pro's.

Criminal Code complaints to the proper authorities are probably in order..... Massive international organized fraud of this scale is a serious criminal matter ......

Register a Criminal Fraud complaint with your local authorities ..... Its Free.....



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