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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Tue, August 14, 2001 at 12:41 AM GMT
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Subject: Thank you for letting us know has nothing to do with the animal..


That in of itself shows that we are going down the wrong path.  What a complete breakdown of our trademark laws.  I thought for sure that in one of Afilias's "info" pages to get a domain in the sunrise, a person litterally had to register "" (with the dot info).

So catepilliar owns the word cat.  Wonder if (and when) new TLDs come out they will again have first dibs on the word "cat"! 

This is not good people, for if the the "legacy" root becomes nothing but a haven for trademark holders, it would become too expensive for the common man. 

So much for closing the "gap" in the Digital Divide.  Hell a person with lessor means will never have the money to cough up for a domain and a Trademark....just to hold onto it!  I am sure the politicians on capitol hill would love to hear how things are going? 

Please don't send Dr. Cerf the next time there is hearings (and there will be hearings).  I respect the man, and sending him would ruin his reputation even more.  How could he defend what is going on at ICANN!  Send Mr. Stuart Lynn this time.  Let him defend the undensible---the trademarking of the english language (in the legacy root)!




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