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Username: srana
Date/Time: Tue, August 14, 2001 at 12:15 AM GMT
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Subject: Afilias - No purging possible until the quiet period


      I believe Afilias has to wait until the quiet period starting August 28 before purging the registry of fraudulent Sunrise registrations because they are still accepting registrations until that time.  They can not purge now as they will continue to get fraud registrations replacing the ones they are deleting.  They can not lock the name after deleting the fraud entry as a bona fide trademark applicant may want to register the name while still in the Sunrise period.

The solution is simple, delete the fraud entries in the quiet period, let the landrush customers have the names at start-up and then let bona fide trademark holders challenge them for the names anytime in a 120 day period.  Landrush customers are honest people and are happy to release the names to trademark holders but NOT cheating fraudsters.  In the end all the names will be owned by Landrush customers and Trademark cusomers.

If Afilias does not delete the fraudulent entries in the quiet period and lets anyone challenge in the 120 day challenge period then we are going to get the silly "Musical Chairs Lottery".  This way some fraudsters may yet win by being the last ones holding the names when the challenge period ends and sell them on BEFORE Afilias can take any action against them.

Afilias must respect Landrush customers, who are as important as Trademark customers.  Afilias registars have been charging pre-request fees to Landrush cusomers with the promise of some good generic names.  Honest Landrush customers trusted Afilias to ensure fraudsters did not hijack the system.  If  Afilias does not make the names available at the Landrush period then registrars must return the money they accepted under false pretences or risk having legal proceedings started against them.

All Landrush customers KNEW they may not have the names they pre-requested available for registering at the start-up period as BONA FIDE trademark holders may have got the names first.  What they are not prepared to tolerate is having the chance to get a good name STOLEN by a Sunrise Fraudster.  Afilias must not ignore its Landrush customers!



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