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Username: Paul Gill
Date/Time: Tue, August 14, 2001 at 1:16 PM GMT
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Subject: Kind of In Between


The way I understand it, any ICANN accredited registrar can register .info names when the registry moves to real time (approval from Afilias is not needed). Prior to this (Sunrise and Land Rush), a registrar would need to be accredited by Afilias in addition to ICANN to participate. So you are right, the clarification needs to be made. I have pre-registered .info names through several registrars and by my count there are about 40 ICANN accredited registrars taking .info pre-registrations (resellers like Tucows are only counted once - who use there services are not counted because they only get one submission per round just like everyone else). There are about 60 registrars who are Afilias accredited and another 20 having pending status and possibly more on the way.  Therefore, prior to Sunrise we can expect at least 80 to be Afilias approved.  In the past couple of weeks, hardly any registrars have been adding pre-registration so I don't expect more than a couple more to do it before Land Rush. That means about half will be submitting there own lists and will end up with more (because there lists will be so short compared to the non-scamming registrars) than half the best names not taken during Sunrise.    


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