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Username: Josť
Date/Time: Tue, August 14, 2001 at 2:29 PM GMT
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Here is my story, and this one is concerns ICANN directly.
I preregistered a .info domain name for the LandRush period, and spent some resources by submiting various times, at different registrars, though some allow you to submit various times, at an added cost. Not that I think that's correct but everybody does that, so I thought I was worthy of the domain name and resolved to try it out too. Now to my surprise the domain name became registered in SunRise. I didn't expect that, because the name is the name of a touristic region in my country, for wich no trademark exists. As far as I know. But that's not the problem, if any trademark with that name existed everything would be like oulined in the rules for registration in AFILIAS webpage. The grave situation is this: according to the whois database, the trademark's name is unknown, (remeber, to submit to Sunrise Period the trademarks name MUST match, charachter by character, to the domain name that the person or entity is applieng for), the trademark date is 2040 (so the person has received the trademark's rights in 2040 and returned to the past!), and the trademarks number is 0 (yes zero!). Now if people can forge registrations that easily, it is a enourmous CRIME against all the people that submit preregistrations.
I don't mind saying that the domain's name is So check by yourselves by going to the whois database in Afilias home page.
When I was aware of this I checked out other names in the whois database, to compare. Of the ones I checked, the trademark numbers are correct, at least they seem, with many digits, the trademark dates are correct(none passed the year 2000), but the trademarks names sometimes don't coincide with the domain they're appliyng for. For example has been registered by the owner of the trademark!!!
This situation is very unfair and it is a public crime... please coment/help to stop this.


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