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Username: bradtillis
Date/Time: Tue, August 14, 2001 at 4:27 PM GMT
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Subject: Another Scandal


Hello Josť. I have heard many similar complaints from many people regarding this particular registrar, 5007-TU.

If you look up some generic names at Afilias through the whois there, you will find many names registered by this same registrar with unknown tm and 2040 date. There are also many names with just fake information. I have been informed by many people that this registrar sent out emails trying to convince registrants prior to the start of sunrise to not use the landrush but instead to submit all their names into the sunrise with that registrar because Afilias is not checking apps and because no one will challenge because they have nothing to gain and will even have to pay a fee.

Here is a small part of an email a few people have sent me:

  Why not! Did you know that during land rush your
odds of getting any of your names is less than 5% with
any registrar!  However during sunrise your odds
through **** is as high as 80%.  Why?
Because the registry is not policing sunrise

You must ask yourself: Is it worth $105.00 to
register and another $220.00 if challenged? 
  The answer is clear when you weigh it against NOT
having the name at all.  Because you can bet at
landrush the name will be gone, or you will be left
with only a 5% chance of success in obtaining your
  **** is making good on its promise to
register domains at the earliest possible moment.
That time is sunrise.  Remember anyone can register at
sunrise.  The people that should definitely NOT
register at sunrise are those that want to register a
name with a trademark.

More importantly, a challenger CANNOT take your domain
from you.  A
challenger can only have your domain sent back to the
domain pool. 
again, this means a challenger has little reason to
challenge other
than on
principal AND if they have expendable income to the
tune of $295 per
challenge.  Would you challenge a non-trademark holder
for $295 just so
can no longer own

This blatantly shows that the problem here is with Afilias's sunrise polices.


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