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Username: dtobias
Date/Time: Wed, August 15, 2001 at 6:14 AM GMT
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Subject: Afilias to challenge bogus registrations if nobody else does


An announcement today on the ICANN site indicates that Afilias intends on filing challenges themselves against any obviously bogus sunrise application for .info if no other challenges are filed.  This is good news, indicating that there's more chance that people who didn't play properly by the rules during the .info rollout won't get to keep domains registered fraudulently, and some of those names will go back into the available pool.  However, these challenges will most likely take place well after the landrush period, so it is unclear in what manner the domains in question will be released to the public; if it's done during "first come, first served" live registration, there'll be the same problem with expired names now, in that all the speculators are going to tie up the servers checking on their status until the second they're released.

It would be fairer to give first shot to those who attempted to get the names in question in the pre-registration period prior to the opening of the landrush.

All of this, however, still leaves the fundamental unfairness of the sunrise period, with lots of *legitimate* trademarks getting undue preference over reasonable generic uses of their name -- a situation which big-business wants to impose on *all* new TLDs, as shown by the threatened legal action by against NeuLevel due, in part, to the lack in .biz of an automatic first shot at registering names for trademark holders.

Link: ICANN/Afilias announcement

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