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Username: bezzant
Date/Time: Wed, August 15, 2001 at 8:26 AM GMT (Wed, August 15, 2001 at 6:26 PM EAST)
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Subject: ...At a later time?  My misplaced glee.


Hmmm.... Did I misread something in my happiness over ICANN/Afilias' announcement?

"...the (Afilias) registry itself will submit a challenge against any of these facially unqualified sunrise registrations that are not challenged by others. The names that are cancelled due to the registry's challenges will be returned to the pool of available names at a later time."

So Afilias will not place challenges against these fraudulent Sunrise domain names until AFTER the Sunrise Challenge period, 120 days from August 28th.  And then any names Afilias does challenge will be returned to the unregistered pool, but there is no mention of how those names can be registered by the Public.  Will Afilias re-run the Land-Rush round-robin to award Public registrations?  Or will Afilias just quietly dump the names in the bucket and wash its hands of the affair.

And if Afilias will only challenge trademarks which are "facially unqualified", that means that another fraudulent registrant can enter a Sunrise Challenge, kick out the guy who had a trademark date of "2040", enter his own new fraudulent trademark data as the next Sunrise registrant, but using "facially qualified" trademark data, and then be immune to challenge by Afilias.

So NONE of the problem is solved AT ALL.  NONE of the fraudulently registered .info domain names will be made available to Start-Up (Land-Rush) registrants.  There is NO remedy for non-trademark holders through the Sunrise Challenge process; not even through today's announced actions by Afilias.

I'm afraid that a second look at Afilias plan reveals that it's the weakest action Afilias could have taken, short of nothing at all.

Shame on Afilias.  Shame on ICANN.  This time, "No Thanks".

Bill Bezzant
Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

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