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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Wed, August 15, 2001 at 1:01 PM GMT
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Subject: Proposed Solution and Afilias Action


        Earlier, I proposed (based on work of others) a solution to Sunrise Squatters that would have protected genuine trademark holders and Land Rush pre-registrants -- (see below).  Based on what Afilias actually did, it looks to me like this proposal would have been feasible.  Afilias' action does not seem to protect Land Rush pre-registrants and leaves allocation of most of the good non-trademarked names to a yet-to-be-determined process several months from now.  In my view, this is sad and will not have good results.  I would guess that the amount that Land Rush pre-registrants have spent would be over seven digits in magnitude.  Afilias, please reconsider. What will you say to Land Rush pre-registrants?  This is very sad.


"PROPOSAL A*": (REVISED 8/14/01, 5:30 pm):  Here is a proposal that should make everyone happy except Sunrise Squatters. a.1: Run the Land Rush for all names, including those registered in the Sunrise Period. a.2: For names not registered in the Sunrise Period, the Land Rush winner gets the name as originally planned.  a.3: For names registered in the Sunrise Period, the Land Rush winner does not get the name, but does get the chance to submit a Sunrise Challenge for that name after the 120 day Sunrise Challenge period is over (after all other challenges are done) for free or a minimal fee ($0-$40?).   If the Sunrise registrant can not prove that he/she has a valid trademark in accordance with the Sunrise Period rules, then the Land Rush winner gets the name without the need to show a trademark for the name



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