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Username: onmove
Date/Time: Wed, August 15, 2001 at 9:53 PM GMT
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Subject: Don't give up


      Opposition to DomeBase proposal was based on two considerations:

1. Afilias Sunrise Policy cannot be changed.  And, even if it is changed it cannot be applied to the domain names registered before the date of change:  As we all know, this is not true.  Afilias has modified the policy and this modification will be applicable to all registrations made before and after the date of change.

2. If Startup period is run for all domain names, 50% of prime names will end up in the kitty of 50% of the registrars because they are not participating in pre-registration process: For the people who care for the facts, following information will be of some interest.

-Total No. of Afilias authorized Registrars: 58
(inculding those in process)

-Registrars not accepting pre-registration:   6

-Verification not because English             3
version of  website not available

For the  benefit of those of us who have difficulty with numbers, 49 out of 58 Afilias authorized registrars are accepting pre-registrations for Startup peiod for sure. And, if one gives benefit of doubt to 3 other,  total number of registrars who are accepting pre-registrations goes upto 52! out of 58.

So, what could be the reason for opposing such a reasonable proposal.  The most charitable explanation that I could think of was: Ignorance.

But, it would be too much to say that Afilias did what they did because it listened to this misinformation, though, it definitly gave them some support to stick to their ill-conceived stand. So why does Afilias is scared to run the Startup period for all names, including those registerd in sunrise period?  Difinite answer to this question can be given only by Ailias themselves.  In the absence of such explanation from Afilias, we can only think of possible explanation. Let us see:

What will happen if all names are allowed to run in Startup period? Without exception, all names registered fraudulently will be taken up in the Startup period ( and, there are many may more fraudulent registrations than "facially" apparent!  Not all fraud artists have been inefficient, particularly after this scam came to light). Although Startup registrant will not become the owner of the name if the it was registered in sunrise period, every one would know there is a claimant waiting to claim the name if there is no trademark challenger succeeds in caliming it.  Would any one challenge such a name unless he has bullet-proof trademark claim for it?  I don't think so. Who will be adversly affected in that case? Fraud artist for sure. But, also those who stand to benefit from revenue stream that will be generated from challenge round.  And, who are those?: Afilias? Wipo? or both.  As opposed to tons of revenue that is expected to be generated challenge round as it stands now, what would they get from this simple, honest, play by the rules startup hopeful? $40 max. you see their whole revenue projections can go haywire if they accept DomeBose proposal!  I am beginning to see that Afilias are not victims as some of our well-maning friends seem to think.

Now, where do we go from here?  I don't think there is reason for despair.  Afilias have shown that their policy is not written in stone.  If they can make cosmetics changes in their policy, they can surely make changes that are meaningful.  One way to make DomeBose proposal more attractive is to agree to increase the fee that startup registrant would be required to pay for the challenge.  I know this does not seem fair to startup registrant. But, it would be better than wishy washy procedure annouced by Afilias.  We should also consider some drastic measures as have been suggested in this forum.




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