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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Wed, August 15, 2001 at 10:02 PM GMT
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Subject: Another Roland LaPlante quote


Further article:

But that presents Afilias with another problem: how to make the recovered addresses available to the public again in the face of pent-up demand. LaPlante said the company could release them on a random basis or in one large batch, but had not decided yet.

"We have a little time to think this through ... we don't actually know how we're going to it," he said.

The move disappointed at least one Internet user who said he has spent "a lot" of money hoping to reserve .info addresses.

"They've done such a great job so far, I'm not really sure why I'd want them doing that for me in December," said Tucson, Arizona lawyer Gary Korn, his voice dripping with sarcasm.,2109,154710|internet|08-15-2001::00:32|reuters,00.html

I have come to following opinions, based on how situation developed.

Only people of low intelligence would believe all their lies.

Like I say in previous post, dot-info's reputation is what it deserves to be - a load of crap.

"a *little time* to think this through", says Roland LaPlante - He also says, "It's in our interest to make sure that dot-info sites go to legitimate trademark holders,"

They have had the *very long time*, since concept of dot-info, "to make sure that dot-info sites go to legitimate trademark holders."

Come on, think about it.

The best way to make profit, for unscrupulous person, would be not to check one thing - other than credit card number.

More money could be made for friends WIPO, from any challenges to these domains.

They got maximum profit from dot info sunrise period - yes or no?

Those disappointed, of which article speaks  - those who spent money hoping to reserve .info addresses - have been conned with false hopes.

Yes - I believe you have been conned.

Anybody with supportive opinions to the contrary?


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