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Username: Nicholas Bernstein
Date/Time: Thu, August 16, 2001 at 12:36 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 98
Subject: Your Numbers Are Wrong


Sorry, but you have your facts wrong. Yes, there are at this moment 58 Afilias accredited registrars. But there are 19 that are pending and I can guarantee you that at least 19 more will be accredited prior to Land Rush. So you will have a total of at least 77. I have been submitting names for pre-registration with 20 different registrars (just a note: I have been staying away from the top 500 names all along because I felt there would be too much competition for them - especially from registrars with closed short lists). There are currently 43 registrars taking pre-registratons (I know this because I check for new ones every day). You cannot count registrars such as CORE, who are made up of many registrars, more than once since they can only submit one list just like every other registrar. The same applies for resellers such as Tucows. So if 34 out of 77 registrars submit their own closed short lists, they will proportionally end up with a greater number of names they submit than the others. Since they will be submitting only high value names, they will end up with more of them.

Another thing, why would Afilias start charging more for a trademarker holder to defend themselves from challenges? This may be too much of a burden and unfair for small businesses from the third world. Also, Afilias will not reduce the fees for challenging, because staff (lawyers) at WIPO have to be paid. They don't work for free.        


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