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Username: IncompetentAfilias
Date/Time: Thu, August 16, 2001 at 9:04 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: Solution to the BIG DROP after Afilias Challenges Fake Sunrise TMs


In 4 months, after Afilias challenges and deletes the fraudulent Sunrise TM domains, instead of releasing these domains in some "big drop" that will only lead to registrars flooding the registration system as they are now doing with .COM/NET/ORG (see related article: ), I suggest that Afilias take responsibility for their Sunrise failures and do the following:

Afilias will make a public announcement stating that they will be taking applications for these domain names which they will soon re-release. In order to prevent individuals from spamming the pre-registration system, a Credit Card number will be required along with other payment information that will be used if that individual is selected to register the domain. If they give fake credit card information, then the domain is passed on to the next selected individual. Also, only 1 application per domain per Credit Card will be accepted.

All pre-registration information will be kept in a database on the Afilias domain-servers. Thus, when an individual applies at any of the 60+ .INFO registrars for a given domain name, an inquiry is sent to the Afilias database to search for that Credit Card information for that particular domain --- only 1 application per Credit Card per domain!



---> Tell me what you think of this proposal, but it seems the only way to prevent .INFO's registrars from flooding the system and registering these valuable domains for themselves or their high-paying clients.

---> DRAWBACKS: Yes, some individuals have several credit cards, but wouldn't you rather be in a draw where the odds are only stacked say 5-to-1 against you (in favor of those with 5 credit cards vs. those with 1) --- unlike the Sunrise Scandal that we have now, or the potential scandal if the domains are re-released during selected drops - which will surely give the "average Joe" no chance to register these domains.

---> Afilias will also NOT allow its registrars to take any pre-registration fees, since they have already grown fat from the Sunrise Scandal!

---> Lastly, to give individuals who actually want a re-released domain an advantage over the "average Joe" who is just looking to make an easy buck, Afilias & WIPO should not release the names of domains that will be released, but instead have some messaging in the WHOIS lookup for these domains. This will help these .INFO domains have a higher probability of landing in the hands of someone who will actually use them for some purpose other than an easy cash-grab --- which can only help the tarnished .INFO name!

Sorry about the ramble!  Reply at will...


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