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Username: psbyowner
Date/Time: Fri, August 17, 2001 at 1:57 AM GMT
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Subject: There still remains the problem of regulating content


      A webmaster can publish whatever he wants too, regardless of the domain extension. Who will be left in charge of policing the internet; sounds too communist to me.

The conspiracy I was referring to is how ICANN is "overlooking" the many "bad faith" business to consumer promises:

such as the implication that someone who buys a $5 lottery ticket from Network Solutions may have "a chance" of getting the name in a fair drawing. As it is turning out, the best names have been gobbled up by sunrise trademark holders (or perhaps other, more sinister possibilities: such as Afilias themselves blocking the names).

These are Anti-Trust operations, and the so called governing body, ICANN, has done nothing or is ignoring the problem.

This, in addition to reading several of the posts here, led me to the conclusion that there has to be some form of government/corporate conspiracy that is in fact harming the everyday consumer.

I have invested over $500 on lottery tickets and pre-reg agreements, and I am starting to think I have just thrown my money away because there is nothing stopping these registrars from taking the prime names for themselves.

A good example are these 2040 trademark dates; these may possibly be a bogus, bad faith attempt to hold the prime names for later resale; possibly by Afilias themselves!

Either way, I think those of us who are trying to do this honestly are getting screwed, and that isnt right.

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