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Username: dtobias
Date/Time: Fri, August 17, 2001 at 3:44 AM GMT
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Subject: .biz root


Well, you're both wrong, in my own (not particularly humble :) ) opinion...

Top level domains are not intellectual property that can be "stolen".  They're part of a naming system, just like area codes are part of the telephone numbering system and zip codes are part of the postal addressing system.

Until ICANN added .biz to its root, there was no such thing as .biz in the Internet's naming system.  The fact that various people had used naming systems in their private sites that happened to include that string of characters didn't give them "ownership" of it, any more than I would own Area Code 212 if I had happened to have set up that string of numbers as meaning something in a private telephone exchange some time before it was officially assigned to New York City.

I can put any domains I want in a "HOSTS" file on my Windows system, and they'd then work for me (but nobody else).  Would that give me ownership of those names?  Would it be any different if I got the administrator of the LAN at work to set those names up, so the dozen or so people there could use those addresses?  Or if I got a local ISP to set them up so a few hundred people could use them?  Those names still wouldn't be part of the Internet naming system, and wouldn't establish any sort of claim to them ahead of the ICANN approval process.

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