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Username: Dryweave
Date/Time: Sat, August 18, 2001 at 7:42 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 98
Subject: Another Solution?


( I apologize is someone said this all ready)

But...the solution can be very easy if we think about it...

What about a "first alternate" system, like the Olympics?
The best runner gets the right to go(Fraudsters), but there is an alternate waiting in case that runner gets hurt (Land Rusher).

So, in essence, Afilias needs to allow the individuals participating in the Land Rush the ability register as First Alternate for ALL NAMES REGISTERED DURING THE SUNRISE PERIOD!  Then, if the first alternate wishes to challenge, they can do so knowing that if they win, they get to keep the name. 

Everyone wins:

*Very easy database process to set up given the limited time Afilias has to work with, thereby avoiding delays.

*Land Rushers who have been gearing up for months don't end up wasting all that time and energy.  They can proceed business as usual and now hope they get that first alternate spot, which based on the amount of fraud is as good as getting the name!

*True trademark holders who followed the rules and registered during the Sunrise Period have nothing to fear.

*Afilias does not have to worry about the hassels of challenging names on their own, they can keep their challenge process intact and even make a couple bucks doing it.

*Afilias actually makes MORE money because they will get paid twice for the same domains! (I recommend not refunding the Fraudsters cash)

*.info is launched on time and the Internet community can begin embracing it (just in time for the holidays and

Sounds simple to me....any comments?


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