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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Sat, August 18, 2001 at 6:30 PM GMT
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Subject: Good People


Richard - I am also British. I had to retire after 2 operations went wrong at Papworth. I have 2 teenage daughters. Like you - I am poor and feeling ripped off. We are both well aware of big business rip-off culture in the UK.

With very limited income to support my wife and daughters, I decided the best way to do this was by investing in generic and common word domain names.

I have good logic skills and have come up with a few good marketing ideas. Marketing Agencies would charge just as much, if not more, for these brilliant ideas - IMHO ;-)

This is my personal Intellectual Property.

I later found innocent people were being called 'cybersquatters'.

Trademarks bully for domains even if personal name of holder. The most famous was the little girl Veronica. Her dad was bullied for by Archie comics.

All words are trademarked somewhere (most many times) - WIPO make it very easy for TM to take domain from owner. They even took initials - which could be used by any one of large number of trademarks.

Millions of TLDs are being sat on by ICANN. They are the worlds greatest 'cybersquatters' (to use propagandist definition of word). Analogy - What sort of world would it be if we only had two hundred or so towns - each allowed only one High Street (Americans may call it Main Street)?

You said earlier, "I believe in the integrity of some of the key players on the ICAAN board - specifically Vint Cerf himself, Stuart Lynn and Dan Halloran."

You are naive. I used to be like you, believing in the best about people. After all, most that I know are basically good - why should others be different?

But my experiences over the past few years have taught me much. Allow me to offer you my much informed opinion of them:

As Schoolteacher, you have no idea of the corporate world - in which ICANN is involved. They are entirely driven by the greed for more and more profits. I do not leave legal profession from that charge.

In this environment - even the best of good people, turn bad.

The authorities assist them, so are corrupt. Proven by the fact that they know the solution to trademark problems and do nothing about it.

Please visit my site to view the simple answer.


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