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Username: richyhenderson
Date/Time: Mon, August 20, 2001 at 3:26 AM GMT
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Subject: Being fair


Being fair includes being fair to the people who have lost the chance to get their domain at Landrush because of registrars applying, registrars encouraging non-Trademark holders to apply, registrars overlooking literally 100s of generics from the same person without question.

Actually I WANT to be fair. I'm just a family man with kids and no axe to grind. I'm a teacher who wants to get back to concentrating on my teaching. But it's obvious this situation is unfair on Landrush applicants and I believe it's useful to show just how extensive the false claims are.

Thank you, though, for this advise about I think the burden of proof is on them. I've never said ANY of the names on the list are specifically false claims (the site makes that clear). I'm delighted to speak by phone, or via e-mail, with their staff. Let them convince me that the generic names listed are indeed genuine Trademarks. Let them do a little bit of looking up for me please. I can accept the technical glitch they may have suffered. What I do not accept is that all these generics I've listed are true Trademarks. Look at the list yourself! It's so obvious. But I'm very glad to listen to and speak rationally with them, and delete them if that is shown right.

But it is the Landrush applicants primarily who I need to be fair to.



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